Let’s cut to the chase here, publicizing your life leaves it vulnerable to external attack and unnecessary pressure. Many young people today just as many socialites both celebrities and the vice enjoy the pleasure of posting their every single detail about their lives, be it their loved ones or achievements. To some, it’s for cheer pure joy of jubilation, to others it’s to show off, too many are social standing and status, while others it’s all about the feeling of validation intertwined with entertaining the thought of having statistical feedback ie number of likes, comments (mostly praises) and the need to be popular among others (maybe cheap popularity). All the above are thin line, it may start good, but if consequently done it seeds room for destruction.

Social media is nebulous, meaning it can either be a good servant or a terrible master if not careful. It is competitive and very addictive, to most it gives you a sense of obligation to feed your followers. But ask yourself, are you accountable to anyone though? The human mind, soul or as many would like to call it, “heart” was designed to be private. From prying ears, eyes and much more for a reason. Just imagine all your thoughts were somehow known to the public, unless you are purely a saint (which is impossible) you would seize to earn the right to exist freely in society. Information is a powerful asset, but the number of ears it goes through determining its authenticity. Hence, it’s key to also knows that misinformation is a powerful vice too, which explains how fake news has ruined not only lives but national strongholds. If its effects are that big, imagine if it came to your relationship?

Not everybody is happy for, even some who may be happy are human, they can fall into the temptation of seeking to covet or partake in what you have. Cause all they see is the glamour, while others may use it as an opportunity to disrespect or undermine you because they think they know everything about you. Besides, what power do you hold if you keep giving it away every single day? Learn to build suspense, elevate yourself but reserving the right to important information about yourself. Classify yourself and to an extent, if anyone needs key information it’s not just easily accessed but rather need clearance which is earned. Some people focus more on the image than really getting to know you!

Allow yourself to enjoy moments privately, it allows organic natural occurrences to excite, relax or constructively challenge you both spiritually, emotionally and intellectually hence growth. Take pictures if you like, but don’t be obliged to post them immediately or ever. Use them for more special occasions if need be. Focus on actually having 100% of the experience you are having, that way great memories are built. It’s more inspiring to others to understand from you how you are thriving rather than feeding them with visual social media content, it builds a fantasy that is very challenging to true living. Cut off distractions and build contentment, simplicity and nature ambition away from limitations of public opinions. Build self-motivation, it will save you a lot of money and time.

It’s never too late to clean your mess, classify your friends, choose who is and who isn’t cleared to receive certain information from you. Again, you don’t have to tell them, remember, “…the lips of the wise shall be reserved…” same with your life, guard it in your heart. If s/he is not a confidant, keep them out of your relationship. Transformation is often a product of a developed sense of privacy.