It takes a high level of freedom to love and since we all know just as rights, freedom too comes with responsibilities. Naturally, it’s hard for a selfish person to love another. Now that’s what I actually consider as one of the mostly unseen insecurities among others. But if you love, you may find yourself being a little protective that to some may come off as jealousy, that’s fine but just don’t let it bar freedom and neither is it an excuse for your other-one to be irresponsible. Pay attention and don’t let yourself be insensitive of such feelings both ways. Before you venture out to love someone, or while in the process, check ‘what condition is your heart in?’ It is written, ‘…guard your heart, from it, comes matters of life…’ But is it guarded or just jammed? With no emotions coming in or out? Are in a state of denial, hurt or you are just being selfish in the name of ‘independence’? Either way, it’s your responsibility to get out of that position, your other-one can just support you. But staying in the negative end even when there is support may be a selfish act that will drain the life out of those supporting you out of that pit. It’s not just always about you, so reach out even when it’s uncomfortable for you! Even good & strong hearted people get tired of unreturned goodwill. 

Many of you have this great excuse of my personality is this and that, stating limitations that you naturally face excentre. Others conform their lives to mimes, videos & ‘look-like-wisdom-quotes’ that seem to be well put to make professional sense yet it’s a bunch of junk meant to limit the flow of unconditional love. Waves of mood swings and anger sprees that hold no account when rethought about days later leaving you in thought, was it worth it? Please stop it! As a human being, we are endowed with the wisdom, power and sound mind of self-discipline with the ability to break through personal nature-buriers or when nurture fails. There is no such thing as extra, or people easy to love, but rather human beings that put in the effort to become loveable, a quality by-the-way we shouldn’t ignore or take for granted. Make up your mind already on who you want to be and be that person, otherwise, you give the people who love you a hell of a hard time figuring you out especially when every wimp and wind of change swings you along. People are always gonna talk, information, society and more obstructions will always come. But ask yourself, are you going to conform to the standards of this world or choose a more superior path of who you are. Don’t let people focus on your damage control or lead them on an endless journey of figuring out who you are. 

Instead, be lovable and consistent in your ways. It’s not about a moment or when you actually feel like it. It’s a discipline to love someone regardless the time, hence if done by two then there is no breaking it. Seek wisdom, read and learn how to love others, refer to love languages. It’s a burden to love an ignorant person, even to God!! Ever wondered how cheating comes about? Simple, rigidity… so be flexible and don’t keep count or score, just do it! Be efficient every single day, choose to become better, self-evaluate yourself, seek correction and feedback from your other one, and give it in a nice way that builds and not destroys. All this has nothing to do with age nor does it accommodate excuses of past heartbreaks, healing begins with humility and freely loving. That’s the only way fear can be vanquished. Remember, loving may be a risk but it’s worth taking, so give your time, attention and privacy selflessly with no expectations. But I also charge the other-one to be prudent enough to do the same, level-up and match-up your partner, if possible, surpass them when it comes to love. Who knows, this could be your life partnership, don’t let your old age get you with regrets. Strengthen your relationships from a young age, they will be solid stone when you age and a learning platform for others, so venture in the unknown now, build your love foundation and pillars to make it great. 

By Emmanuel Wabwire