“Travel and Tourism is one of My Profound Passions, am sure am seeing Success in it all. and I share it to all, whats yours?”

If not every, then it’s most young people’s dream to become rich! “there, I said it… people fear doing that today.” We have created all sorts of moral citations especially as God fearing people, of how we need to suffer, how being wealthy is some sort of sin in away and where we cant explain it we say it’s blessing. “Hahaha…oh how we suffer in ignorance.” Not just you but me too here, I once lived in that kind of confusion. Well, since Christ came to Give us life, so we may live in abundance, I took it upon my self to Ask for guidance, seek wisdom and understand what principles can get me started. Now there are other things you have to consider, but for now I came across these principles and they have jump-started me off to my journey and I think it’s only wise for me to share them with you as well.

1) Do you know the first thing about the sky’s constellations & how they affect things on earth? ~Job 38:33

2) There is no new knowledge on Earth. Everything comes from the Bible.

3) If a murderer applies the law of sowing and reaping, it will work for him/her.

4) In terms of natural laws, the principal law is the law of gravity.

5) To overcome the law of gravity, the law of aerodynamics is put in motion.

6) You need money to advance the gospel. Our major business is the great commission.

7) Ephesians 4: 28. The purpose of work isn’t to make you rich

8) A worker gives. A business owner sows. There is a very big difference.

9) Man’s original habitat is Paradise. Poverty is a disease that can’t be cured by work.

10) Many in the body of Christ are not having the abundant life.

11) Peter, James and John had their own business and hired servants  (employees).

12) Ephesians 4: 28, Mark 14: 3-5. If you really want to help the poor, you need a business.

13) God doesn’t want us to be satisfied with giving his children money. He wants us to give them children.

14) We have to stop having the ‘job’ mentality.

15) When you give to people, you aren’t helping them. You are helping yourself.

16) When you give to people, they become the manure that makes your life grow.

17) An entrepreneur believes in helping you become a creator of wealth.

18) God created man to be co-creator.

19) The original purpose of words was for creation, not communication.

20) Words are tools for creation.

21) We are pursuing money in our daily activities and it doesn’t give us time for God.

22) If you have a job, all you are doing is selling your time to your employer.

23) Time is always more valuable than money.

24) When you close from work, don’t go home and relax. Develop yourself. Read books daily.

25) Getting a degree is good but it won’t make you wealthy. Develop your passion.

26) God didn’t design human beings to like work. The richest people in the world are those using their passion.

27) It is your talents and gifts that will make room for you. Not your work.

28) We must make the kingdoms of the world that of our Lord and Christ by engaging in business till He comes.

29) Proverbs 13: 24. If you want to soar, you cannot afford to be in the flesh.

30) In the body of Christ we have allowed materialism to dwell in our midst. Live within your means.

31) if you can’t live below your means, you have no hope of becoming wealthy.

32) Poverty is a disease. If you must earn more, you have to learn more.

33) Only your passion can make you wealthy.

34) God doesn’t make mistake. If He put a passion in you, He intends for you to use it.

Now, reading about these principles, is not just enough! You have to plan, speak life into your plan and take a step to find out what’s your Passion? Mission in Life? if you don’t know it yet. Your gift will always create a way for you if you prioritise and grow it. Remember, time is the greatest capital you will ever have, plus men choose their habits, and there habits choose their future. Choose health habits such as, praying, meditation on the Word, reading relevant literature, learning new skills, strategise, have fan too among others and I can guarantee you, you are on your way.