At the left- Swearing in as The Deputy Head Prefect at Bukedi College Kachonga in 2008 with my cabinate. 
A wise man once said, “Men choose their habits, and their habits decide their future.” As simple as this statement sounds, well I guarantee you it contains the truth just as the one does; “Humble your self and you will be lifted.” Now this is a power principle that anyone to wants responsible success has to engrave on his or her hearts. Am sure by now you must know victories don’t come by chance… it takes a lot of had work and attention to details most ignored. My dream has always been aligned to leadership of the highest level and I can say boldly that I am making progress. From when I was a child, I was leader from all levels to where I am now at age of 25yrs; I can now stand and say, “I have made it.” But I still got more to add on as years pass by, pushing limits every-time at all costs… this is because; I keep down to earth. I know my mission, ‘I attain more power to do more good to people and work towards my goals.” However, it hasn’t been all a clean and straight road, I have made major mistakes in my life, which I like calling landmines. Hence, the purpose of this blog is to share with you 5 principles that will help you or guide you towards achieving true success and possibly avoid stepping in the same landmines I did:


1-Understand Your Mission, Not Position. Let your focus not be on loose site of the mission but rather discovering it. Position means nothing if you don’t understand your mission, but if you understand your mission; your position will not be changed to success. The first time I failed an election was when I planed to win the position at the national students council just so I may be able to gain popularity to run for a Member of Parliament (MP) position. I prayed, fasted, worshipped, went to church and more… but it all did not work! Why? My mission was wrong and motive was wrong!! Am not saying being MP was bad, no, but my means to achieving that was wrong!

Represent people who cant do it for them selves and you will be promoted. Always answer the why of it (reason, cause, call) to get the, what of it (rewards that come along)? For pride comes before a fall. Not until you are mission driven, resources will be locked-up away from you, God blesses what you plan, but you must make sure your plans are aligned with your purpose in life. I discovered my purpose and mission as a volunteer with Red Cross that I was meant to help people (humanitarian) with a gift of leadership as my resource number one; “…stepping up so that they may not be stepped on.” From that day, I knew how and where exactly am heading, some times it took time, destructions, challenges and much more, but I eventually always ended there anyway. Doing what I am meant to do and more as I have shared below.


2-Maneuver; if know your mission and planning is drawn and followed, you maneuver through, you will see your self up according to your destination, which is your dream, calling, mission, and more. But, it’s not always a lip to the sky; you in most times have to go down the pit, face the challenges like I talked about above. Don’t always expect everything to go as you hand planned. Most times things may go backwards from what you imagined or even dreamt about. However, this doesn’t mean you are not meant to get there, it’s just a test to see if you can praise God when you are down before getting to the top just as the same applies to people, “How you treat people when you are at the same level with them, reflects a lot when you are at the top? “Those who are faithful with little will be faithful with much.” “I started my career as a volunteer over 7 years ago from now, faithfully taking orders, doing my tasks with passion, diligently serving and respecting my bosses and above all being creative and innovative, it was from that, I got promoted and have always raised to the top continuously, became CEO of my NGO, was elected to serve as Guild President of my University and much more. Before you earn the honor of praising God when you are on top, you have to first earn it from the bottom. Manage your tasks and all it brings, if you don’t finish your tasks at work or wherever you are serving, it may not be sin, but it is surely a weight!! And one thing I have always known about weights, is that they weigh you down and keep you from flying let alone be promoted to your next level by man even through God. If you’re not fit to manage the process (working for it) then you don’t deserve the higher position.


3-Management; Before you get it, can you handle it? The stress, the experience, (I have met a lot of people who teach things they can not do them selves), can you handle the pressure, anxiety, loneliness, alienation (Do you feel so uncomfortable by the opportunity to the extent that you want to go back to your old seat (comfortable zone)? just because you can’t manage what goes along with seating in this new seat? are you praying for a blessing that you can’t manage. I always wanted to be the Guild President yes, it’s a cool position, but with it like any other leadership position comes with pressure, enemies, opposition, critics, emotional blackmails and breakups, etc. I very much had clew of what was coming, but if I knew I was to go through it all before I ran for elections. Then I most probably would have stayed back! However I was determined to face it all, whatever was thrown my way and indeed regardless of Position, breakups, death of my dad and all, I still stood firm and served. Whether you are in down the drain or prison, always remember that life can’t draw anything that you can’t manage, “…You will never be tested beyond your abilities.” Do you know how it’s hard to manage success? To manage a position of power (it may not be in leadership) especially when you were not raised like that (successful or powerful)? Hence, this principle encourages you to always have the ability to manage whatever is thrown at you. Stop feeling sorry or self-pity and start managing the situation, the people, the problems, your emotions, your fears, your doubts, and insecurities. Trust me, its not easy but possible, I have managed my emotions, fears, among others… The most recent is a habit of yielding into my body desires. In all, always know that, you will never bit fit to be blessed or promotion just because you can’t manage the process. Failure to observe this principle explains why most you have not been raised to any higher-level positions in life be it a job offer or more!!


4-Mediation; Now this is really the mission, use your experiences, stand in the gap on behalf of others, save it in the good time and spend it in the bad time, for your position is the key to helping other people meet their needs. Show people how to survive, I did it before, in the University Students Guild Council, National Students Council, Commonwealth Students Association, etc. and I can do it all again, for its my calling to serve man kind. Some of the things, experiences, troubles you where taken through in life always make you stronger and wiser mostly equipping you to be in position to help some other people. I always asked God why bad things happen to me, in most cases I thought it was for my benefit and experience. But, there are two sides to the coin, I had to go through it so you can better help others. When you are old, and tested life challenges with a normal minded attitude, you will learn some hard principles that make you to ably mediate. Hence, in your dream position of power, the same people that hated you will come to you for help, and most probably will not even recognize you, remember or acknowledge what they did to you. But, you will be expected to manage differences, emotions and right away help them. While in my campaigns as Guild President, one student made a comment I will never forget, “How do you get a peasant (me) from the garden and bring them to state house to lead the rich?” he implied I was not qualified to run for president nor to serve them due to my background! However, during my service, he was one of the scholarship beneficiaries a program I had initiated, but at that time he had forgotten the comment he made. If it were up to me, without the experience, hardships, character and all I had learnt, I would have disqualified him from getting the scholarship. But I knew in my heart, just because your enemies do not recognize it or you, it doesn’t give you a licenses not to recognize them, let alone help them. Because not only are you helping people who don’t recognize you, but also helping people who were once hating on you all the while you were getting to the top (enemies). For this reason, you must have the kind of character that can manage any resentment that you would face or have and still function from a position of clarity to an extent that, even though they don’t recognize you, you still recognize them. Therefore, you’re mediating on their behalf to access what they need through you. Hence, leaving them attaining and feeding off part of your humble and forgiving character. If the feeling of compassion towards their infirmity can touch you and you act upon it, then that will be the reason why out of all your peers you will be selected to do this job (Be promoted and succeed). Just because of your ability to override your insecurities and serve/help them, stepping into your destiny, leaving the past behind you. Until you reach that point of maturity to maneuver through, you will never be the person in that position.


5-Manifestation: “Actions speak louder than words.” Let people know you by your works, reveal your self to the world. The bible says, “…the whole creation, waits and grown in pain, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God…” With a lot happening today, the world is trouble and waiting for people who have come alive. Sadly, today most of us are so busy having Self-pity parties and never showing them the power of being the sons of God with a mission, maneuvered (tried and tested) to the top, managers of pressuring situations and great mediators. Grow up and step in the full stature of who you are in God!! Don’t wait for somebody to fix your problem, fix it your self and be the change the world seeks at your workplace, in your family, at your school or habitation place where you have been assigned.


If you take keen consideration of this, God will change your position if you always put Him first and He will promote you because He will always Bless what He Has started; All you have to do is to press on & thank God for every other step He takes you through. Always know that you are the one and then you will receive it!! It’s a principle we need to take more seriously if we are to succeed. Just because you started somewhere doesn’t mean you have to stay there. At my new job, I choose to take things seriously, building my career as a Public Administrator in all levels God will Place. My word of advice to you all is, “You will never be qualified for the next level until you are over qualified for the current one.” All you have to do is work hard and always keep humble, always put in 100% in what you do, leave the rest to God. Even the most blessed life is not without pain, loss of loved ones, heart breaks, failures, weakness and many more, all we can do is learn and use it to succeed.

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