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Those you surround your Self with Determine alot who you become! Be careful who then is around.

In life, we need the right people around us; regardless of the circumstances to enable us achieve our goals. It is said nature and nurture make a person. Chances are that we will meet a great deal of people along the way. These are individuals who will shape our tastes, perceptions and even beliefs. Here are the five groups of people you need to limit or avoid at all expense if you are to succeed.

  1. The complainer

These are individuals whose primary focus is to complain in virtually all circumstances. There are no jobs; even the few which are available are already taken. They will take every opportunity to blame someone else and never appreciate anything that is good. You will always see the silver lining in everything and become settled in your comfort zone if you stay long enough around these people. You will wallow in self-pity, justified that there is nothing you can do about your situation.

2. The negative criticizers

The sole aim of this clique of people is to ware down anything they perceive as not being good. They will brag on how so and so can do it better- never mind that they themselves are non-starters. Their criticism is usually some kind of sabotage. They will encourage you to just quit what you are doing and never suggest any alternatives. They enjoy the status quo as long as everyone else remains in their level or lower. Around them, you will enjoy their company just as long as you do not change.

3. Dream killers

When you think that sky is the limit, they will convince you that you are fantasizing over impossibilities. They usually have their own lists of case studies of people who have tried what you are confident you will succeed in and failed. Dream killers treat anything peculiar with contempt. They hate and ridicule people who think and talk big. They have the “who-do-you-think-you-are?” mentality; as a know-it-all attitude. In this group your aspirations and ambition will be suffocated by overwhelming contra-statistics. You will never be confident to speak your mind and will always think small.

4. Hopeless cynics

Most of these individuals may have experienced misfortune in their lives. In their frustration they infectiously spread cynicism wherever they are. They draw their cynical nature from their past, fed by the negative information that is enough to discourage. They see vanity in every effort. They trivialize indelible success and magnify selective failures. You will die before you have even breathed your first.

5. Excuse makers

These are irresponsible individuals who will go to earth’s end to conjure almost-realistic to out-right ridiculous explanations to evade consequences of their mistakes. They are pathological liars who may have you convinced are witty but are setting themselves up for grand shame. Hang around them long enough and you are sucked into a fantasy world where you assume everything is fine as long as you can get away, but for how long?

Watch out!!?