For Youth? What I came do?

Wow! What am going to give to them… That seems like a very ambiguous question to ask. I know everyone expects it…sometimes its not what the youth need that works for them but its what makes us alive… You and me! That’s what the world needs most… My biggest admiration for this country has always been to scratch my history and write anew story to for others, with new actions of Being my Brothers Keeper, Drawing close opportunities with no strings attached for your reach, helping in building young people’s dreams in their careers, business, talent, skill, passion and love above all.

Picked Nominations at the NRM Secretariat ready to Run and Serve as Youth Member of Parliament.

But we all have been shadowed by barriers…Politics has taught us to fear one another, I know who it has turn us against each other, how honesty is turned into a weapon to destroy each other just for self justification and gain, I know how we have been trained and reduced to handouts than reason, and am not saying its wrong but what makes it wrong is when we continuously choose only handouts over reason or rational thinking clouding our judgment into a stormy situation. We all have a free will just as simply as service can be. Innovation, passion, talent, love and teamwork if best put together you won’t need to ask what I will do for the youth.

Question is what shall we do for our selves and not just individually but communally! There is a strength in togetherness, fellowship as we all know two heads are better than one. We are a Country, the people, the culture, the economy, the spiritual, the geography, the opportunities, the laws, the beliefs, hopes and aspirations.. Where you belong or where I do matters to all of us not just some of us. We are not judges of one another but rather keepers!! So don’t judge what others do but rather make sure its for the better of the greater good.

Its for God and MY COUNTRY with all that is in you you and me against all.. Together we can Break Barriers and Build a Future… Working with you will deliver results just like we did with some of you in UCU and help those needy Students finish their education, in UNSA and delivered knowledge and skill to help those youth startup businesses, in IDSS and helped those youth get a chance to have employment in for of internships, in Commonwealth in helping to shape the 2015 MDGs shaping in consideration of the poor child, mother, youth deep down in Bududa, in Red Cross to help give shelter and clean water to drink in Teso, in WFP helping put a plate of food on the tables of starving families in Bukedi, In Church where we prayed to God to pull us all together in his undying love for us and reduce all this madness around us.

It is in this thought and belief that I say with faith, FOR GOD and MY COUNTRY and still Believe that we are still capable of Love and unity despite all the barriers of NRM, FDC, UPC, PPP, JEMA , Christianity, ISLAM, TRIBE, CULTURE, ECONOMY, GEOGRAPHY among others…
To mountains do not move and meet, but humans do.. My Skills or Plans, Experience , Exposure, Networks and anything that Qualifies me is USELESS if You and Me don’t Stand Together!!

But I Assure You that If You Take a Stand and Lend Hand in Supporting Me for Youth Member of Parliament Eastern Region 2016-2021, No Barrier shall With Stand Out Mission in Building a Great Future Where Unemployment is minimum, Education is a right not a privilege, Health is Paramount and greatly resource mobilized for and advocacy for better service delivery is done. I am signing my self off and delivering me to you in your dept to serve and give selflessly my all to reached us not where we are but where we hope to be… Together we can Break barriers and build a Brighter Future.

Wabwire Emmanuel for
Youth Member of Parliament Eastern Region Uganda 2016/2021