Dear Young People,

Over 50/years ago Uganda attained its independence which was fully instigated partly by youth at that time. It took concern and need for freedom that they took a move of that kind. Leadership passed on through arms struggle to different presidents who led with an iron hand. May youths at the time developed and others were killed.

Through critical thinkers, a team of Youths joined forces to fight for freedom and freedom out of arms struggle, tho methods used were military. Either way it yielded a lot of results giving more opportunity to the young country to grow.

Today we have a lot of peace and liberties since time memorial, we are now comfortable with all that youth of yesterday achieved for us! We on the other hand concentrate on pleasures, social media, movies, clubs, food, money, sleep, sex, games, sports among others. Each day we have been availed with 24 hours but question is are we accountable to it?


We are faced with a reality of challenges which cut across, unemployment, poverty, ignorance, manipulation, lack of focus and so on. Question is….. Who is doing the thinking for us? Why should we at all times or seek to lean on the old to stand. We need to arise with our own solutions to solve our own problems, we need to speak for our selves and not others speak for us!! Out of the 24 hours we are given, we need to own time, embrace our own planning in building for the future. Reality is majority of the old by 2031 they should have biologically have left the planet and we the adults of the time.

If we start thinking and planning now, we can make the best of our country, we don’t need budgets, or other staff….. All we need is us together to start thinking & planning.

Time is money, hence the 24 hours to total in 20 years, we need to start saving it by productively thinking, planning and resource mobilizing for a greater cause.

They did their part, what are we going to do?


Wabwire Emmanuel
Youth Activist