“Gifts keep relationships warm and activated.”
My mentor once told me, “if in your circle of friends you’re the only one who educates or empowers the rest of the group members, and they have nothing to say that builds you… Quit that group!” Well, what are the odds, I have one great one. I was chatting with a precious friend of mine who asked to stay anonymous… She asked me what my Love Languages was? My answer insinuated Swahili (laughs**) just like my other friend mentioned French! Funny enough, I have a book about this topic but never been motivated to read it. Thanks to her, I now understand them, let alone my personal love language much better. Ignorance is no excuse for no giving or receiving Love the right way. In her words, she shared.

So there are 5 major Love Languages (basically how you best receive love, also that’s most likely gonna be the way you give love too, given that we give what we have, however, thats not always the case; possibly true 80% of the time though!)
1. Gifts 

(when you receive a gift from anyone, even if its just a lollipop for instance, you’ll b ecstatic! To u, that gesture means they put so much thought into whatever gift it is. It means the world to you! Usually, for you to show that u really care about somebody, your way of showing it will most likely be through getting them a gift bcoz gifts hold a special meaning to you)
2. Acts of Service (doing something for somebody like cleaning their room, running errands on their behalf, etc…)
3. Quality Time

 (you prefer to spend time with somebody, sometimes even if you arent necessarily talking, their presence is enough!), your way of showing you care and appreciate a friend is through literary sitting down with them maybe over coffee or doing an activity that involves you both just so you can have that time together… 
4. Words of Affirmation

 (when you receive encouragement or any positive affirmation, that means the world to you. You tend to also show others you care about them by encouraging them or telling them positive things…)
5. Physical Touch 

(you feel loved through physical touch like a hug, a back rub, a kiss, a massage, a squeeze on the arm, holding hands, etc….you also tend to show your friends you care abt them by giving them that back rub or squeezing their arm or hugs etc…)
Not knowing what my love language was cost me a lot of great relationships I never had. Be it friendships, family or even a spouse. That’s why me sharing about them will help you discover worlds. You can not give what you don’t have, but still can try if you know it. But ignorance denies you a chance to even try! I discovered how much quality language means to me… And won’t make or question my self ever again. Love is kind, patient, understanding, caring, you name it! 
What’s your Love Language?