Eating is a risky adventure I don’t seem to get over! Day by day I find my self victim or victor depending on how delicious or terrible the food is. Now I know many of us including you, **Yes You!** think that delicious food is mostly found is fancy hotels or agreat home

With my Buddy Job eating by the roadside in Kasokoso-Kireka

made dishes by how we call it, “Mama Made’s Special!”

Down in the slum of Kasokoso in Kireka where I happened to have leaved for now 5weeks, I decided to seek entrepreneurs in restaurant business. To my biggest dismay, there was not significant eating joints, a couple of days i eat from small but well planned restaurants the usual menu chips and beef or local foods.. I wasn’t fan or delicious, it al tested like what I bought at the city fast food shop!

Well today I broke ground, after spending the day indoors on this weekend, I chose to have a walk out with my friend and probably grab something to eat! We stopped by this lady who sells only Chips and Beef sometimes with fried eggs and asked her to serve us! Seated on a bench,  we witnessed a drunk cyclist fall down from his bike, (sustained no injuries) observed the busy movement on the road **we all agreed it was a crazy idea & prejudiced the order we made too** But oh well, it was too late to change our minds so we had to wait!

She later served us and Wow!

  1. Timely, we did not wait for long to get our food.
  2. Cleanlines, the plate and eating tools where all clean.
  3. Well cooked, the chips and beef was well cooked, soft and not oily nor fatty!
  4. Spiced, her meal was cooked with special ingredients plus a well made salad!
  5. Above al, it tasted really delicious! very delicious..

By this time, I could not wait to ask for her name and more about her work. One thing I learnt, Shamim was a passionate self made cook (with out a catering certificate). She has a minimum of 20-35 customers a day and makes 60,000-105,000UGX a day and thats over 3,000,000ugx a month! Her service and concentration in what she does, draws customers to always come back regardless of her work location. She changed my entire thinking about great food!

So my final conclusion today is…delicious food is not just a building or the price or what you serve it! Delicious food is made in the hands of a passionate cook who knows and loves what she does 🙂


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