It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the 8.6 million Ugandans who managed to participate in this election and all the candidates who gave their time and effort during the campaign. Without either of you, the democratic process would not have been as vibrant or as vigorous.

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Meet the New Elect Former President of Uganda #SteadyProgress
I would also like to congratulate his excellency, The President, Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on winning the election. The people have given you a mandate, and on their behalf I would like to pass on a few messages to you:
1. Your Excellency, ‘Hongera’ (Bravo). It is not easy to be President for so long and still be loved by a majority of Ugandans.
2. Secondly, please restore social media and promise never to deny your people the right to internet, speech or communication. If we are going to have faith in you, show some good will too.
3. You have been voted by people who largely hate the government, but love peace. That is why your ministers were kicked out. Tangible qualitative, quantitative and sustainable development should be your number one agenda. No more Corruption! Get rid of all these self-oriented thugs in office.
4. Please don’t run again in 2021. You are mzee, the great mentor and father of this country. Isn’t it time you groomed new leaders outside your family to continue your good works?
5. Several Presidential candidates in the race had great ideas, for example, FDC’s plan for employment was on point. Just as enriching was the Go Forward plan for education. Pick and implement the best of your opponents ideas for the benefit of the country.
6. Restore National Service for Youth. In this way we can unify our country. There is no need to implement the policy of divide and conquer which is only an old colonial one and doesn’t represent the freedoms we so desperately want.
7. Place a wise, fresh and vibrant council around you. Streamline the system, your minister and your advisers to get the best results.
8. Lastly, always remember, qualification is not the reason for disqualification. Promote talent and brilliance at all costs!
Congratulations again to you, the NRM and Ugandans at large. I urge you to stay focused and keep calm. There is no time for violence when it comes to the work of building our nation.
For God and My Country


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Results and Figures UG2016
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