The seating Government is not willing to hand over power. Besigye has more to deal with than just the President. He stands in direct opposition to the security agencies, secret institutions and the system itself.
The defiant nature of Besigye’s campaign however is making him lose international support. The west wants peace in the region and feels that Museveni leaving power affects that. Incidently, even though Amama Mbabazi is not as popular among people like Kizza Besigye, he does enjoy international goodwill.


President Museveni sshaking hands of His Major Opponent Dr. Kizza at the 2nd Presidential Debate Mid February 2016

Most of the people who would have helped Besigye are either in prison or dead. Examples include Gen Sejusa and Capt. Katabazi (who was an Mbabazi aide). This leaves Besigye exposed, drawing his support merely from the public who fear to be resistant.
One thing still in play, however, is the Resolution Meeting between Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi in London. In case of a rerun, both Candidates could pull their strengths together and offer a real challenge to the government.
To understand politics in Uganda, you need to realize that its not just the President who calls the shots. Its a system. Some people believe that the President is a prisoner of his own employees, friends and family.
On the ground, many Ugandans believe that President Museveni is the better option. Many remember and appreciate the fact that he brought peace and order. The public feels that his only weakness is his failure to control those around him, otherwise he is undoubtedly Uganda’s greatest President.
Uganda right now is a grenade. Museveni is the pin. For many people, removing the pin means only one thing – an explosion!!! Hence they choose the old saying that goes, “Better the Devil You know than the Angel you don’t!” But still many of us agree, we need change, question is at what cost?
For God and My Country!