What team Emmanuel Wabwire intends to bring to the UCU Alumni Association on the 5th March 2021 8am-5pm:

Our alumni suffer a few challenges, which include;

The University’s attempts to patronize it and dictate every decision it should make hence fighting the right for the General Assembly’ key decision-making abilities.

There is less or no Strategic Planning and innovation in creating projects or programs that can bring together our Alumni network or even fully engage them.

Let alone, the database isn’t clearly or up to date hence the challenges you see above of mails or information not being regular

Most importantly, most of our fellow alumni don’t know or have even lost faith in the Association. Most like because they feel it’s not serving their interests or part of the solutions to the problems or life challenges faced out there…

What do I come to offer?

I come to serve and bring on the table experience, innovative ideas, and humility to inspire engagement thru constant communication with you all.

1. Update our database and know who is who and who is where do a mapping of issues and concerns of our members then craft a strategy with the team and members to solve them. Create projects and programs to have these issues solved.

2. With the skills attained in Civil Society, fundraising will be top of our agenda as the team to reduce the increased dependence on the university.

3. Bring value to the members, in solving the unemployment issues or even bridging the skills gap, work with the university to come up with Association-funded short courses run by volunteer members already in the work field ( designed to bring practical skills) to our membership.

4. Setup a scholarship fund for our network for our membership postgraduate studies, we have done scholarship campaigns before, we can do it now even bigger and better.

5. As a network, we need to mentor and raise the leaders of the country, such programs we can create and sustain, but it calls for participation and teamwork for you and us!

6. For our brothers and sisters still in school, we need to represent their voices in the University Council which most times seems to be unbending. But with the leadership and lobby skills we bring, we should be able to counter that rigidity and be the voice of reason in there.

7. Independency of the Association & strong partnership building for the Association. It’s key to have an independent yet sober mind, to handle university pressures, negotiate and stand for the will of the membership. Also bring more out stakeholders to support and finance our network’s ideas, businesses, initiatives etc. all the fundraising we do, in a structured way can be used to fund our network, we just need to smartly handle it as a team.

8. Many seek financial, technical and social support to build their ideas and vision in the network. Can we make the vast network of the alumni an opportunity bank for each of us? Me and you…?

This is just the start, but in short, again, it’s “Innovation & Vibrancy”

NB: Voting will be online on the 5th March 2021, so let’s ensure we check our emails (those we submitted upon graduation) to get the Voting Unique ID and Link. For those who received it, it will be active on voting day. Thank you for your support, here was the full presidential debate to watch (Click)

Please share this message to all our comrades;