I get so busy doing what I do that I get no time to live off what I do. Most of us are in a business we physically do, as a result we have limited our income because we only have two hands. We get so busy doing it and we don’t get time to grow it. When I started out Faraja Africa, I had to be everything as an Enterprenuer. Had to be the leadership, marketing, development, book keeping, mapping, planning, you name it. This was because of limited resources as a result of a small budget, I was a one man team with no staff to pass it to. I ended up getting super exhausted. Which is unlike for the CEO who passes the on work to other people hence making them accountable to him. “All busyness is not related to business which makes it a distraction.” ~T.D Jakes. You have to be focus on what is important & profitable for business. You have to reserve your self for the highest & best use. Note that your best use isn’t doing it, it’s running it. The problem of doing it your self is that you start thinking you do it better than anyone else, even if you had a team, your standards are too high that non of your team can handle. You need to get back a little and get your heart (emotions) out of your business and use your brain. Empower your team to do the work as you run things with the right motive and purpose of cause.
Uganda is one of the largest Enterprenuer countries in the world. But most business do not stand to see their next year. And one of the biggest reasons is that many people start business to address their personal needs than the opportunities for the business in their society. If you start your business needing money, then you are far most likely to go out of business than when you start cause you see an opportunity. An opportunity is a vacancy to which you can feel or supply a demand that isn’t currently being filled. Don’t go into business because you need money, because business is going to take money before it gives you money. The best reason of going into business is if a service or good is far out of reach for your community & you seek to address that, it’s the best way to go. If you just need a job, your business won’t survive. A business that studies an opportunity and then supplies that opportunity is far more likely to be successful. If your business does not solve a problem, it will not last.
Hence, success is attached to problems just like the only thing that makes an answer look good is a question. If a solution is valuable, it has to be in a face of a problem. Business is built around problems. Therefore, what I have learnt in my business also from T.D Jakes which you may learn as well, is that you should run a business so that you don’t get busy doing the job your self but rather provide leadership & have time to grow it as you address problems.
To be continued….