Most of us if not all aspire for excellence seeking to be the best of our selves maybe for ourselves, someone, others or most importantly God so we can earn something from them, maybe love, or anything that fits. Because of this attitude, when we error we host a guilty party in our selves leading us into disappointment or some sort of depression in form of regrets and much more. As a christian, I have tried to live by God’s standards for long (The Commandments & Law) so I may earn His love.  Along the way, I ended up living a life that’s constantly imperfect to His eyes according to my view hence my regret! This continued until I discovered I was highly loved and Favored regardless of my imperfections.

Lets put our focus for today on our relationship with God. To be clear, am not saying the law has no importance in our lives (NO). What am simply saying is that God loves us by default and we don’t have to earn it by works or in anyway. The meaning of a Blessing is simply Permission into doing or achieving something (release) Some people are blessed by their parents into marriage, others are blessed by their elders into business and in tern they actually see prosperity. This is because the power of positive word into another’s life is life giving, be aware… the same applies for negative word. Bringing you back, if the Lord said He has Highly Blessed and Favored You, it means it’s not based any condition or circumstance but rather Your Blessing is Your default position. Knowing that alone generates faith in you and it in turn enables you reach out to God just as He wants it (In confidence that He Has already Answered you).

Every single time I sinned and felt too guilty to go to God’s presence (that’s Satan’s new tactic of keeping us in sin & depression). One thing kept in my mind, God does not bring me to Him in anger, but in everything He brings me to Him in LOVE. That’s why today I live a fulfilled life knowing my entitlements in Him for success, favor, progress, health and above all live abundantly. My success is not because am so close to God, NO… its because am His favorite child and He loves me so dearly just like any of you who accepted Christ as your Lord and savior. We are highly favored by default, make sure you know this, believe and have faith for it’s manifestation in your life. God says, “My people perish (am adding words like surfer) because of ignorance.” Know your place in Him, you are royalty, and hey… you always say it ” Blood is thicker than water£ Hahaha. Lets call guild, imperfections and so on water, the Blood Christ shade for our purification is much thicker. So what are you waiting for…?

Claim your position of Favor, Blessing and Love in the Lord.

God Bless You.