Society (a bunch of individuals or community of both knowledgeable or not) have created a collective definition of success. But I would like to think success is relative, it varies from person to person. Society will tell you as a child to acquire good grades in school so that you can get employed. As an adult, they will tell you to buy a car, get a job, marry and so on. In finance, they will tell you to save and in health to do exercises, diet or manage mental health a certain way… Well, I think there is a lot of junk out there and non of it should dictate your pursuit for success. What am I trying to say here; I believe a lot of information out there is useful but not relevant in the prioritization of personal importance.

Often we ignore personal experiences and use of our understanding. We have allowed ourselves to be a lazy generation, often wanting to see things through other people’s experiences & analysis expecting it to directly apply to our lives! This method would only work if you share your life with this particular person period.

Our everyday living is a “Life Class” if only we took time to reflect, take notes and learn from our ways. Constant personal evaluation comes as a result of a sound mind and must be followed with “Self Discipline.” Information out there passes as knowledge, but also if used wrongly can pass as foolishness. That’s why it’s called wisdom when knowledge is applied to help in our daily living. But that can’t happen if you don’t apply critical thinking, objectivity & give room for correction.

Now I can’t tell you how to live life, but I can say, you are responsible for your own life, journey, purpose and vision. If it’s solo or intertwined with another, self-discipline (on time) will allow you to achieve honest success & prosperity in all you do. Being fruitful/productive comes with learning, naturing yourself through life is the first commandment, most importantly adhere to the authority which starts with God above for most of us and those appointed on earth. Nevertheless, with our free will… it’s upon us to determine the course we must follow & our effectiveness allows other people to easily grow and help us on our journey, now that’s success in progress.

There a lot, so feel free to comment and add more to this blog what you feel I may have left out.