We just concluded our Political electoral season as Youth! Yes it wasn’t perfect especially with us being part of the mistakes in regards to vote selling & worse, lack of interest in the whole process; you both had your reasons. Those are bygones now; food won’t jump into your table or your day today to day needful expenditures cater for them selves.

Those leaders you sold your vote too have to return the money they once gave you, which won’t happen by midnight. Therefore what will you do in the meantime (hoping they change) without any service delivery or Gov’t opportunities? Seat and wait in hunger?

I know we today have perfect excuses as young people! “We don’t have Capital” or as Women, “Gender equality for all!” Seat back & expect everything to be done for us!

Well let me break it down to you sweet heart! 1st; not to be against gender equality or empowerment, but in our state Uganda, it’s still your individual responsibility & “IF”you are lucky, the society will step in to help… but you have got to start somewhere. It’s worse with guys, you are already mistakenly thought to be advantaged (which is wrong!) but what else to do!? Here are some proposals:

  1. Find out what your community need is? With respect to laws of demand and supply, evaluate and see its viability before you start implementing!
  1. Seek out your opportunities! Most community needs are self-financing business ideas! That means customers in your society can pay an initial deposit for your product or service hence capital!
Unique Clothing, Cosmetics, Footwear alongside many others can be your society need, she addressed it…how about you?
  1. Ensure you have knowledge and understanding in regards to the field (business) you are stepping in! Google or the Internet at large is your good friend! Practicing business people won’t have time to mentor you hence self-study is your redemption. Quality service delivery earns you not only a market but also a reputation & money.
  1. Invest and Save! Start small, and expand with time. Rome wasn’t build in one day, before you quickly switch to your dream business, make this work cause it was your startup kit! Lots & lots of patience is unavoidable for a break through!

By this time, you have started, try as much as possible to keep honest, even to your self and have financial discipline. At least I am in the same path already, running a company of my own, Faraja Africa Ltd and deal with Tourism and Travel for now. It’s not easy but keeps me going and pays the bills. Juggling it with my new job is teaching me incredible lessons in teamwork as well! I will share about that soon, the journey is what matters.



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