Be mine so that I can post your selfies for everyone to see. I want to put a smile on your face and make you the happiest woman in the world because of everything you mean to me. I want you to know that you are not a girl people fight for; you are a girl people go to war for.

In a cloud of your silence; you communicate so much. You know how I feel about you even though you think it’s a huge risk to our friendship, even though you’re worried about your parents finding out or the travel costs involved. You discard all the possibilities of joy and happiness just so you can entertain a single ‘What If’ in your thoughts.

You say:

“What if I give it a try and we date? How much fun am I going to have? I don’t want to have weekends where I have to miss you…what will it require for me to learn how to love you? Does it require you or me to travel regularly for this to work? If I am to do this, I need to be there with you and see you whenever I want to see you! I don’t know if this will have a good ending for us?”

When she says she loves you but not in that way :p

If there is one thing I have learnt is that you should never discard a possibility without giving a single step in its direction. We have to give it a try. True love is not a single emotion. It is simply the result of a series of actions and emotions.

Love is an adventure, its all about giving unconditionally. Love is built purposefully. It’s not just a chance. You have to choose to care, to open your heart to someone, to have trust and faith in them, to understand them, to hold hands through the tough times and to forgive each other in the disagreements and the uncertainties. Love is the ultimate gift. Love is emotional investment.

I may be scared too because you mean more to me than any other person. You are everything I need, everything I want. I instantly smile when your name pops up on my messenger. You make me happy, you make me laugh. You are different, a little crazy and that makes me smile every day.

What is the fun of love if it has no risks? What is there to go to war for if there are no huge challenges and obstacles to breakthrough? How can we build a strong foundation if we are not willing to put in the labor and pay the cost? Which strong foundation comes at a cheap cost anyway? How do people reach their destination without moving an inch in this world?

You cannot build something new today with yesterday’s equipment, just like you cannot build a relationship using principles that are generations old. Pick a leaf from them, but most importantly evolve. A friend once told me:

“Before you choose to love, search deep down for what your expectations are and always know you have to give more than you expect to receive and if possible, do so unconditionally…”

Now that you heard my reasons, responses to your fears and you now know what’s in my heart, understand that regardless of what you make of it, know that I respect your decision about us.

All I can do is give. xoxo 🙂