Dear Mother,
Who else is more precious & special than you? There are no words to describe my feeling for you, I can’t even attempt to explain the magnitude of your gracious love. You faced the winds when men & others tried to insult you or broke your heart while growing up, it should have broken you {maybe it did} but you still made it. You walked through fire when the world condemned you when you error, but you flew above it all. You conceived me, maybe I won’t know how much trouble you went through, but I can only the pain, emotions, risks & challenges you went through & still. From the first day you conceived me, you had chance to take a pill or even abort me so you may save yourself from your pain. But you didn’t, you selflessly gave up your comfort for all those years & chose to pro-created me. Shielded me from all the winds, storm, fires, hunger, and more. You further sacrificed every resource you had so just you may buy me a life you probably couldn’t afford for your self. That old ‘Gomesi’ dress you wore & still ware for over 10years bring tears in my eyes knowing that you gave up your luxury to give me gifts on every birthday that came & are to come. Mother am speechless because your unconditional love just leaves tears of joy role down my eyes leaving me breathless without words. Because you are amazing, you are my Wonder Woman, my Super Human, My Super Hero and the Star in my Avengers life story. My Guardian Angel, Protector of my Body & Soul.
If I have not said it enough, Mother I LOVE YOU. God Bless Your Soul. I promise you, I will always strive to be the best in life to everyone including my daughter, my sister, my female friends, my Wife and all will be Blessed by my life just simply Because of You. “Nations are molded because Mother you chose to sacrifice your comfort to raise a child.”
I am a nation, I am a people, I am your unborn child, I am your pain, yet I promise to be your greatest achievement, your joy, your happiness, your pride, & your everything. You may have not yet planned to have me, or had me but that doesn’t matter to you. Love is infinite & has no boundaries, not even time. I love you mother.
Am speaking to you, maybe your still at school, at home, in the village, maybe still growing, or just got married, planing or pregnant now, you may be holding me already in your precious hands, grooming me, overseeing my growth, praying for me while your home or even peacefully rested in heaven. I want to tell you this;
“Mother, no matter the limitations of this physical world, I Love You whether am already here or yet to come, I love you. You are the best Gift of God to me. Happy Mothers Day xoxoxo. God Bless you.”
Yours Faithful,

Child xoxo ?