“All men fall, but only the hopeful and the non quitters get back to greatness.” 

Have you ever thought for just a second that life is a daily pressure? The thinks we want to achieve or have? The power & rights we seek to have that comes with responsibilities? It’s all pressure! But for any progress to happen, we must learn how to live under pressure. It is said, you will never progress from a comfort zone of your life unless you have attained the maximum level of success (which is rarely possible for many). I have had my share of success and failure in my life. But today, I want to briefly address the issue of rising up again from failure.
A few years I embarked on a journey to run for the office of Member of Parliament representing the entire Eastern Uganda. With a successful 8 year leadership career and great track record, I had not planned for the possibility of failure. I gave the campaign everything I had, my resources, time, energy, reputation, and everything I had, it was a do or die situation for me we can say ?. However, the inevitable happened, dynamics in the politics (party godfathers) were not in my favor! Losing the election left me with broken focus, bankrupt, heart broken, homeless, devastated, in one word, “Catastrophe.” To me, it was my end. My view of failure when everything is lost then was more like a pre-death experience, only worse that I had to live through the after effects of shame, mockery, condemnation, debts, poverty, hunger, you name it. This all I faced. Every single day I sunk deep and deep into destruction.
One day, I heard Oprah say, “Failure is just life trying to move us to another direction.”
These words sunk deep in, “…it’s not the end of me after all.” I said to my self. Still, I gave my self time to morn. I chose to make my experience a learning ground for my mistakes. These lessons gave me the strength to hatch a breakthrough plan for my future. I call it my, “Reroute Road Map!” I built a plan that doesn’t just tell a story of what I want to be but rather who I am and what I stand for with inscriptions of action. Clearly executing my purpose in life with clear reasons and justification. I chose not to be limited by my story that was just about a collection of titles, positions awards, accomplishments and more, but a story that’s really about my purpose in life.
I am a social enterprenuer, humanitarian and my purpose is using what I earn in my business to impact lives in society alongside my teammates. It’s been a journey, coming back and with patience we have made it here as a team. We now have a company & foundation. We hope to build more entrepreneurs out there & together fight poverty as we promote Good Governance. My plan A didn’t work (to be an MP then) but my Failure offered me a great opportunity to hatch my Plan B which is greater! I now have experience, run a successful business & have the chance to give back to society under our foundation with my marvelous team. Above all, I can choose to run for office at WILL.
Therefore, Failing taught me, when you inevitably stumble and find your self stuck in a hole, that is the story that will get you out. Your may be in the same situation as I was, probably different or even worse. But with my experience, you now know it’s not the end. Ask your self:

What is your true calling or purpose?
God Bless you.