Dear Members,

I would like to thank all of you for being active members of the association. Your contributions cannot be taken for granted.

Through the speaker’s office, the processes have been undertaken in a bid to amend the constitution. Please note this process has been ongoing from past regimes but due to the back-and-forth had yielded less fruit however, I would like to assure members that the amendments that were done then and now will be presented to the university Council after the executive meeting and later to the general assembly.

Also like to thank the the speaker’s office and the general secretary’s office for finally laying out a road map for elections. As the process cannot be decided on one person, a collective decision of the executive will be made this week. We had to ensure the availability of resources to carry on, and that has been achieved. Hence a date has been already proposed for the opening of the nominations campaign and election, this will be communicated this month after it has been passed by the executive through the speaker’s office.

As Alumni, we have heavily depended on membership, but because of that, there’s been little progress in program implementation that affects and benefits our alumni network. For that very reason, we set out to create income, generating activities for our association through the current leadership and the leadership to follow. from the income generated, we aim to;

1. Support university development.

2. empower our Alumni network with skills and support their ambition to start, improve and expand their businesses.

3. Also, at the same time, increases access to credits and finance through the SACCO and Microfinance.

4. we also opened avenues for a driving school, not only to equip our alumni but also our students with skills and road safety tips in the process while generating income for the association.

5. Through the tour on Travel, we can unleash the potential of community tourism and also connect with our phonetics in various places. This is also an income-generating activity that will enhance our revenues.

6. from the start Alumni villages were a process to be vetted and approved right from the executive to the university Council and later on to the membership. This is because it also involved partnerships of higher hierarchy to ensure that disputes like these don’t happen.

7. the alumni scholarship fund, we began to support both our students who are struggling with tuition. As the alumni association, our deepest desire is to see that everyone graduates and finally transitions into being alumni.

8. lastly, we took pride and joy that we have contributed to the employment sector, connecting our members to different companies and job opportunities. Not only have we done that, but the association has also employed directly five members, and we hope to grow that number as our enterprises grow.

I would like to extend my congratulations to everyone who contributed to making this a success. I wholeheartedly encourage all members to continue this effort, passing it on to future generations. As we have resolved conflicts before, we shall continue to do the same better. It is essential to remember that we do not own these achievements but rather are stewards entrusted with their preservation and development. achievements but rather are a collection of ALL.

God and my country.

Yours faithfully

Emmanuel Wabwire.
President UCU Alumni Association.