“Live Your Life, Travel, Write, Capture Moments, Have No Regrets!”

The last couple of months have been hard I must admit, having to deal with a new year filled with old staff splashed right back at you in the presence. Sometimes I feel, writing is the only place I feel I can fight again. I have a tough life and I have come to terms with it. Dealing with heart breaks, great debts, broken family, failing career, failing ambitions, held-up finances and above all broken relationships. A wise man once said, “Men fall because of Brocken focus!” but I chose to pick-up on the other side of the coin, “All men fall, but the great ones get back on their fit.” No matter how much hell fire am going or have gone through, I today want to still think I am a great man, powerful, brilliant, talented and above all… principled.

Been sick and tired of people telling me the wrongs I have done. Judging my every step of the way. Its funny how many of them think they got me all figured out. Oh well, I feel sad for their little lives. Because, the thing is… they are just too afraid of taking bold steps and making a difference. I bet if they were in my shoes, they would not take 3 steadfast steps. We all have such in our lives, “mostly our ex’s!!”, competitors, friends! “Oh yes, Friends!!!” Funny how those you bring close choose to study you enough only to bring you down. Guess what, I dodged the bullet. As mean it may seem, I slum the door all over their faces. If you one of them… am glad you are reading this.
Someone once told me, “Put your heart in all you do. Be real!!”. This is me being real. Never carry forward to your present haters, pretenders, ill-wishers and un-strainght lazy people in your life. They seem to be great at killing you softly, your strength is always stoping them. One thing you need to do just as I did, is realize you don’t need anybody to get your dreams achieved. It took me dark nights and lonely days to finally learn, “I am enough by my self.” I don’t control who is placed in my life, path and destiny. If you are out… am sure you out lived your purpose and have no role a head. If I tried to hold-on to you… well, pardon my ignorance at the time. Now that am silent, I have breaking news for you! I aight bound any more to anybody other than my self.
I choose whom I want to walk with, work with, associate with and if you feel you have a say on how to run my life, YOU DON’T!! I appreciate every mistake I have made, regardless of what or who it was. I will not apologize for anything but totally be grateful I am still a live. Smarter and Wiser! I live my life the way I want and have no one absolutely to live up to. Not my family, friends, constituency, comrades, church, absolutely no one!! Any perception you have about me, good or wrong may most probably be wrong or miss led. AM young, dynamic, energized and pride in whom I serve. Am a master piece of who I am, not a copy, duplicate, or even a prototype. So you all might just stop limiting me and move on with your lives.
I need no audience, I need no friends, I need no family, I need no praise, I need no approvals, I need nothing. I only get whats mine, only ‘I’ knows what belongs to me and you aight got an opinion about it. Don’t bother helping me, I got this… its my life, I will make my own decisions on what or who belongs where, especially when my life is concerned.
PS. Not everybody who smiles and agrees with you in your presences means well. The true test of friendship is in proved when you are absent.