Photos by Asere Constance ICHUMA

Graduation is a transition; it marks the beginning of a new race. I would like to commend and congratulate you for persevering and finally triumphing after long over two and above years and the hands that held and supported you. Breath, seize the moment, celebrate but carefully and ready up for the next chapter. Yesterday you were a student, today we welcome you into the Alumni Association! Your new chapter is a journey filled with excitement and learning experiences with some challenges but remember it’s all part of the process. It took guts and consistency to keep ploughing the hard ground of growth, and with the attainment of a certificate, diploma or bachelor’s in higher education, a door has been opened. But always remember, success is a result of following specific sets of principles and laws; some of these may need a combination of self-discipline, action and efficiency God being your Helper.

On behalf of the Uganda Christian University Alumni Association, I would like to welcome you as our new esteemed member and invite you to engage in our activities and programs. Our association is constituted by the General Assembly where you now belong and served by a team of marvellous executive members am privileged to be part of. Our role is to ensure your association with Uganda Christian University does not stop here, but most importantly, we are committed to continuing to support you in your next chapter in life. I encourage you to reach out to us both through our office which is yours too or through our online platforms both on our website or social media platforms.

Society is filled with members of the association just like you, and our goal is to hold each other’s hands as some of you seek to start your businesses, initiatives, or even build your career. Consider the association secretariate as an opportunity desk and help desk in times of need. We continue to be a family and uphold our UCU Pride with humility. Once again, congratulations upon your success, let us work together for the betterment of our association and membership, together with you we can achieve more in supporting you and our brethren in their success journey and most importantly, building our mighty Uganda Christian University.



President UCU Alumni