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Photo by Mekbib: Capetown South Africa 

Hello, thank you for taking the time to visit my website. As you may have hard or know, “We are moving into an “Information Age” and rapidly migrating from the “Industrial Age” which creates a high demand for credible sources of information.


This website offers you information which may help you “Empower Your Self” in all aspects of life. You will be offered with real life relevant information to suit your needs. As for the Blog, expect issues on Lifestyle in the Africa context mainly, Business, Politics, Development, travel, technology and much more. I like keeping it dynamic… thats because I am a dynamic person and so are most of my friends.

Navigate through the site so that you can tap into a large scope of Opportunities in Education, Employment, Leadership, Travel, Business and much more as chances present them selves. Things to look out for before you leave, the WhatsNew page (for events, Announcements, Longterm Opportunities, etc), About Me page, Social Media links to various platforms (if you follow them, it helps to easily get updated) and of cause the Blog! However, every piece of information on this site carries high value and you won’t want to miss.

Once again, thank you for your time. Please share information on this site with your friends on your various platform and give others chance to enhance them selves with more information.

For God and My Country

Emmanuel Wabwire


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