When the Going Gets Tough, it Can be Fun

Today I changed my website title from “Empower your Life” to “African Hustler” because I realized, in order to empower your life in a society and world such as mine, you need to hustle. Growing up in an African society is the most amazing thing that can ever happen to a person. Yes, I know what you must be thinking right now! “Does he know what he is talking about? With all this challenges and problems surrounding us?” Well, you are right… but still, it is a privilege in its own caliber. That’s because, we are offered a plain field (going gets tough) and an equal opportunity to be the author of our fate. The saying, “When the going gets tough, the Tough get going.” Now that’s a reflection of growing up here, the plain field and equal opportunity is to be ‘Tough’ and ‘Get Going.’ I have seen loss, failure, faced death in the face personally and suffered the effect of it upon the loss of the closest ones to me and anchors to life as it was at the time. But am still here, fighting, pushing through roughly, rising above oppression, walking under and above the law, bashing through fires, climbing mountains and breaking through every obstacles at every stage in life. Its a hustle, that’s what it means to grow up triumphantly in societies life Africa. That’s what makes it so much interesting, whats the fun in growing up with it all when you can enjoy earning it all? So, I like to think that am an African Hustler. Now, this is going to be the base of my first book this year… 
“I believe that the best changes often start as single, simple thoughts. I vow to continue thinking big, and discovering how to make my dreams come to reality.” -EW

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