Revisiting My Memories for Inspiration, Writing the First Chapter of My Book

Stories of people’s lives, even fictional like. ‘The Lion King’, African tales and much more have inspired me to live life amidst adversity as a child up to a certain point.  I sometimes lived through fire with a hope higher than that of the burn pains believing that magically a miracle was to happen through my imaginary super powers only to walk through the blazing fire. Nevertheless, such hope can only go a long way until you hit bottom rock of bottom rocks, if you know what I mean. It is at this point that you need to be-reminded of truths in your amazing inspirational journey. A journey characterised of a super hero with a super power, for me that was courage and unfailing laughter.

It is ironic how we look to other people’s stories to live through our own only to have it help another (smiles). Recently, at the moment when I absolutely had no hope, a ‘guardian angel’ reminded me of the worst situations I have been through and over come, it got me into a time travel spell, stuck in memory lane. Upon return to the present, I was inspired to start this new phase in my life. Every time I told people of what I have been through, I was always humbled at how they would react. They would use my mistakes and experience to live better lives. That is why I even started my blog back in 2010.

I was wrong to think that the journey I have taken can only inspire people out there, I guess it inspires me too. It does not have to be a journey of success only, but one that tells the truth of life as it is and how we can overcome. So am taking a detailed trip into my life, right from where it all began, today I finally start my first chapter!

We live in a society where writing a book is identified and defined to be for highly educated, wealthy, heroes or even being a renowned person. Well, I am my own hero.  I do not need a degree or bank account to know what I learnt while living in my own skin. I lived every single day personally, faced challenges myself, lost, fell, rose, flew, rejoiced, was hit, betrayed, poor, unemployed, hungry, loaded, loved, heartbroken, loved again and again, and so much more. All this in person, and am still here somehow, it is a miracle. Therefore, I share not just some story, but one of the pains and gains of growing up as a young person in Africa. I hope I can relate to many of you out there, and hope this book will as well help inform the world the truths of what life is like down here…


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