In Loving Memory of My Daughter Ritah Namakula

“Daddy, how may I help?” Was the first thing you said to me

You stood strong for others even when you did have the strength

With your smile, you lit up everything around you

In the grip of your hand, emergencies stood no chance

Complications shy away when you are at work

Laughter and joy has no room enough when you are present

They say cleanliness is secondly to Godliness, but I say its is first to you

Your kindness and warms always left a smile on the once needy left empowered by your love

Traveling with you was my antidote to homesickness

We have stood together right from High School, Red Cross, IDSS, Campus, Faraja and now you fill the Air

I refuse to see you in the past

But choose to see in the now and forever

For you are ever lasting

I will carry your presence to the breeze you have always loved

When we stood on the shores of the ocean, we always felt part of something big together

You didn’t like food that much, neither did you leave anyone around you hungry

My heart is clogged with emotions right now, am mad you left so soon

Who will I spend the holidays together with

I wonder why I have to say good bye and why do they call it good anyway

I won’t say it

I don’t believe in that, I won’t say bye for your still alive in my memory

The good times we had, 14 amazing year and at 22 your home

Though You just transited to a better a place

I can not bare see you lowered

So I write this to raise you and open a door where I can reach you

I won’t won’t hold you back cause thats ego

But I liberate you, because I love you, life goes on

So I let you fly

“Soar like an Eagle my sweet angel, I will always love you Ritah, Rest in Peace, till we meet again.”

By~Emmanuel Wabwire :'(




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