Coming Back from a Heart Attack (A Kind Everybody Faces)

“Am pressed beyond measure and my heart cannot take it anymore. I exposed it to more than it could handle, now it is under attack and I do not know what to do. My heart is operating in numbness, am too numb to miss you and too bruised to risk opening up. My heart is under attack, attacked by those I loved but made me wait too long until I self-destructed. Attacked by those I poured out my heart to only to have them mock or take me for granted, attacked by the too soon departure of those who yielded into death, attacked by the pressures raised by my passions at work, in my dreams and life its self. It is attacked the guilt of now fully letting in, oh… it hurts.” Am sure many of you can relate with my outcry, that was a place I was in not so long ago but thank God, am free though am away many are stack there so I will share with you this blog.

I recently shared about “life pressures” in my blog hitting something about our emotional health as some may call it a condition of the heart or soul. By nature I would like to think that am a soft-hearted person simply because of my kind of heart; How do you know you have a big heart? Ask yourself these questions;

  1. Do you have a tendency to put others needs ahead of your own? Self-sacrificial, take care of other people’s needs and neglecting yours?
  2. Do you always see good where others are critical? It can be the meanest person in the world but you see well in them.
  3. Are you an intense person, in that whatever you feel, you feel it intensively? Feel hard and love hard?
  4. Do you assume other’s burdens as if they were your own? As if you have no burdens of your own? To an extent that the person you were worried about survived more than you did because you took their burden and they went home free?
  5. Do you find it difficult to share pain, worry or loss? You take longer to get over it than others with similar circumstances do. Everybody gets over it but you. You carry it longer than all of them a big heart isolates you?

Well, that was all me and in the end, my heart was wide-open taking in all sorts of risks. If you relate in any way then this blog is for you, continue reading. You may have spiritual health and not emotional health, intellectual health and yet your heart is failing. At places of worship, everything wrong usually is related to a demon yet you can be broken in places that have nothing to do with your spirit. Let be clear what your heart is, it is the seat of your emotions, feelings and is your innermost being, the center of the essence of you, which lives in your body.  You may be spiritual but still be sick. It’s a heart thing. It is not safe to love you. Many of you like going for birds with broken wings thinking you will make them fly and when they fail, you start bubbling; you knew what you were getting into!

A heart attack is a hostile takeover, it’s a coup d’état, mutiny in your body, if it is under attack, it may shut down. What is in your heart? Start with the things that are attacking your heart, because you know your lips do not have to move your heart to cry so you always know. One of the things that can attack your heart is pressure. Stop you from loving and leaves you living a life tremor-tized by shock. When you go into a tremor, you stop ‘feeling’ as a defense mechanism against pain. You say to yourself, “If I could shut the door, it won’t hurt.” and for a moment will give you some relief to just be a ‘mummy’ the walking dead, you go into a robot mode to stop the pain. No more pain getting in but yet no pleasure comes in too. No more ugliness but no beauty in and you wonder, ‘why is my faith not working?’When your heart is under attack and your future, your blessing, creativity, finances more you cannot do anything, they are affected. For you to succeed in life, you must first prosper in your heart before it reflects on the outside. Nevertheless, what we resort to is to cover our absence with our performance at work or elsewhere; you hide your broken heart. You keep forgetting that you are a limited resource.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”~Proverbs 4:23. God warns to set a guard in our hearts, not allowing yourself be easily excited by a compliment or anything else. For everything in life begins there. He seeks people who are pure in heart. It means you have to flash out constantly your heart of things that hold it such as anger, guilt and so on.  Most of us, like me, go into numbness, we think we are guarding our hearts yet we are jamming it. You are meant to keep it open not closed.

First, you have to resolve your heart to change your current situation. Its import you also know that worship is a cleansing agent. It cleans the heart, flashes anger out of your heart. God has made it clear to us, He says, “If you flash, I will stop the heart attack.” Then, what stops us from flashing? Is it the arrogance of our heart to trust what you had in mind that what God had in His Mind for you? You cannot have anything until you give up what you had in mind. Clogging your heart with ideas, formulas to live only takes us steps back. What we so much idolize the idea of what a relationship, job, school is and choose to live up to the “Imagination” failing to live in the actual moment. Do you want God to serve what you had in mind? Do you have more faith in what you had in mind than what you had in Him? If God allowed it to walk out of your life, believe His Will is best for you.

Make a commitment to yourself, “I must get my heart back, love again, create again, inspire again.” Get your heart back. Sometimes we have to let God do His part, every single day I subject my emotions, memories, and weaknesses to Him. I ask Him to save me from temptation and keep me away from evil. Don’t go seeking war when you are not fully healed that’s why He covers us with His loving arms. Today am whole, happy and healed. “If you believe, out of your belly shall flow rivers of life.” God will open the flow; the Spirit of God in you will expel the spirits of grief, heaviness, suicide, lost joy, creativity, excitement no matter how heavy you think it is. The devil is a liar. Arise and shine, for the Glory of God is risen upon you to overcome all heart attacks and when you are healed, keep flashing out any anti-bodies from your heart! Do not pile up anger, guilt, lack of forgiveness, quarrels and many more anti-health heart agents you name it.  I hope this blessed you, please add comment below on how to overcome heart ache, share with someone on your networks, follow me on social media and subscribe to this blog for more of these messages.



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