My Account on How does Climate Change Affect Uganda Nowadays

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On my way to Nebbi district in northern Uganda, a land commonly known as West Nile (named after River Nile) earlier this year, I was terrified. Once covered with green and moisturized air suddenly overtaken by dry fields accompanied by discomforting warm air; for it had not rained for the past three months and a […]

Open Letter To Mobile Money Service Providers, Stake Holders & Users

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By this time round, 10 years and more ago, we would all be at either the post office or the taxi park trying to send money to our loved ones in the village. If I remember correctly, it cost my Father 500ugx shillings for a Post office Stamp to send money from Kampala to Mbale […]

8 Messages to President Elect @KagutaMuseveni #UgandaDecides

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It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the 8.6 million Ugandans who managed to participate in this election and all the candidates who gave their time and effort during the campaign. Without either of you, the democratic process would not have been as vibrant or as vigorous. I would also like to congratulate his […]

We are co-authors of Africa’s problems!

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When I look at Africa, many questions come to mind. Many times I ask my self, “What would happen if Mwalimu where to Rise up and see what’s happening? Many times I would ask my self what would happen if Kwame Nkrumah, Lumumba, Mandela where to rise up and see what’s happening. Because what they […]