Open Letter to All My People, My 27th Year Birthday Message for You

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From the high lands of Mountain Elgon to the flat lands, came Dad to the city from a humble background. We never had much but he offered us his rich spirit. I never chanced to meet my mom, but I know she was a goddess because she gave birth to me on the 7th November […]

Favored By Default

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Most of us if not all aspire for excellence seeking to be the best of our selves maybe for ourselves, someone, others or most importantly God so we can earn something from them, maybe love, or anything that fits. Because of this attitude, when we error we host a guilty party in our selves leading […]

How Failure Was My Best Guide for Success

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Have you ever thought for just a second that life is a daily pressure? The thinks we want to achieve or have? The power & rights we seek to have that comes with responsibilities? It’s all pressure! But for any progress to happen, we must learn how to live under pressure. It is said, you […]

I Personally Think People Need to Mind Their Own Business Unless Invited!

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The last couple of months have been hard I must admit, having to deal with a new year filled with old staff splashed right back at you in the presence. Sometimes I feel, writing is the only place I feel I can fight again. I have a tough life and I have come to terms […]

The Confusing Dilemma of Failure & Success, My Prison Of Misunderstanding. #BreakFree

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Too much happening around that I feel am going crazy. Finishing pending projects and tasked to start new ones. With all the unwanted habits at their fullest peek, yet it’s at this time around where I am meant to least expect them. The pressure is so top to the bream that I no longer realize […]

An Open Letter To The Person Whose Message I Didn’t Reply To

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Dear person whose text I didn’t reply to,You are important to me and I’m grateful that you want to chat. If you’re my friend or family — I love you and I’m stoked I have people in my life that want to chat with me or hang out or ask advice or give advice. If […]

My Voting Experience on the 18th Feb 2016 #UgandaDecides

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As a youth advocate, practising what I preach is important. I believe that voting is the most effective way young people can influence decision making in Uganda. I set off on the eve of election day to Manafwa district where my polling station is located, hoping to vote and mobilise others to do the same. […]

Open letter to the Chairman National Resistance Movement as Youth. 

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As NRM Youth leaders we have spent a considerable amount of time in the last 5 years selflessly building the party ideology among fellow youth and the Uganda Community at large, mobilizing for its expansion, strengthening and establishment to the day today trends. It’s unfortunate that at the climax of party’s opportunity to put to […]

My Dissatisfaction with NRM-Primaries

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The National Resistance Movement recently organized a Delegates Conference which Included the Primary elections of the Youth League executive along side flag bearers for the #Youth Members of Parliament from East, West, Central, North and National (Female). The elections were by electoral hence voters who qualified to vote were Sub-county Chairpersons, District Executives members alongside 2 […]

My Aspiration for Youth Member Of Parliament Eastern Region (Inspiration)

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For Youth? What I came do? Wow! What am going to give to them… That seems like a very ambiguous question to ask. I know everyone expects it…sometimes its not what the youth need that works for them but its what makes us alive… You and me! That’s what the world needs most… My biggest […]